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Whale Tails

Whale watchers the world over thrill to see a giant, wishbone-shaped tail lift out of the water. Humpback’s magnificent size makes them a favorite of photographers and whale enthusiasts alike.

Humpback whales are enormous, measuring up to 60 feet long, and weighing as much as 40 tons. It’s no surprise, then, that their tails are similarly huge. As much as 18 feet wide, humpback whale tails can be seen flapping and slapping the water from long distances away. Jon has travelled to Frederick Sound, Alaska, among other places, to capture humpback tails waving, thumping, and signaling to other whales. His pictures include photographs of both whale pectoral fins and tails. See more photos of humpback whales breaching, aerials, blows, bubble-net feeding, and underwater.

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