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The View from Above

Aerial photography involves images captured from above, using an aircraft or an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone). From the sky, humpback whales appear as families, alone or in pairs, their social structure and habits in full view. Jon flies over the migrating whales so that he may catch them in their natural habitat, unmolested by nearby boats or the influence of man.

Most often, humpback whales migrate in pods. The female, or cow, is at the center of the group, along with her single calf and her male “escort.” During the winter months, humpbacks may be seen as far from the Arctic as Hawaii, with the cow at the center of mating rituals. Whales “vacation” in the tropics for 6-8 weeks before returning to their feeding grounds in the krill-rich waters of Alaska. See more photos of humpback whales breaching, blows, bubble-net feeding, tails, and underwater.

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