Tonquin Valley Sunrise 8

Tonquin Valley Sunrise 8

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As promised, here is my second image of the week from my backpacking trip into the Tonquin Valley in Jasper National Park. (As long as I have internet access in Whistler this week, I’ll be able to post the next 3 images after today.) This images was created an hour after sunrise on the same morning as my previous post. The sky was a brilliant blue, but there were almost no clouds to add any drama. I learned long ago that anytime I have a perfect mountain reflection in a lake, I SHOOT IT!!!!! (Especially when it requires a 40 km round-trip backpacking adventure, and 1280 miles of driving.) Luckily, a couple of wispy clouds on the eastern horizon began to block the sun, casting some pretty fantastic shadow patterns on the Ramparts. It was amazing to watch the shadows dance across the face of this enormous escarpment. This is my favorite image from the second morning’s shoot. My next few posts will be from the first morning when I had some clouds!

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2 thoughts on “Tonquin Valley Sunrise 8

  1. Another beauty – I look forward to the rest!

    I had similar fun last month watching the clouds race across the Badlands. I didn’t catch the exact moments I wanted with the camera, but it was a joy to behold!

    – Jack

  2. Watching clouds dance on the landscape is under-rated in my opinion. Awesome time for photography.

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