Tonquin Valley Sunrise 5

Tonquin Valley Sunrise 5

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This spectacular image from the Tonquin Valley was taken about 15 minutes after I took what I consider to be my best image from my backpacking trip in Jasper National Park last week. About an hour and a half after sunrise, the light, clouds, & shadows gave me a brilliant series of images to choose from. I was so enthralled by the scene before me, that I had to remember to shoot, let alone switch from horizontal to vertical compositions. Most of the time the reflection was ideal with only small ripples, but at some moments it was absolutely still giving a mirror image of the Ramparts! What an awesome place to shoot without a single other photographer around. Keep that in mind next time you are taking pictures at a popular national park viewpoint!

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2 thoughts on “Tonquin Valley Sunrise 5

  1. Jon, gorgeous image – sweet light & great composition!

    – Jack

  2. Sent a suggestion for a number of folks I know who might want to follow your expeditions and work. Your posts are great! I think you are one up on a large percentage of the pro’s by facebook-ing yourself. In the long run I hope the effort returns visibility and sales for you.

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