Tonquin Valley Sunrise 6

Tonquin Valley Sunrise 6

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I’ve been working on an initial edit of my images from last week in the Canadian Rockies. My plan is to post 1 image each day this week of my favorite images from the Tonquin Valley. Here is the first one! This is from the second sunrise that I spent at Surprise Point. I got up that morning to perfect calm conditions on Amethyst Lake for a reflection, but there were no clouds at all. So, I did my best and this is a beautiful image from about 30 minutes after sunrise.

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4 thoughts on “Tonquin Valley Sunrise 6

  1. That’s lovely, Jon – there’s a real sense of tranquility about the image. Also a nice contrast between cool & warm, both in color & (apparent) temperatures… What was the temp like when you shot this?

    – Jack

  2. Just awesome! I love this place. It’s pretty high on my list of places to visit, and you just made it even higher.

  3. Thank you! My knees still hurt, but the trip was so worth the effort.

  4. Greetings from the two Austrians that stayed at Surprise Point (and before that at Berg Lake) when you took the photos. We love your work. It has been a pleasure meeting you and thanks for the great suggestions for our trip.

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