Berg Lake Sunrise Reflection 1

Berg Lake Sunrise Reflection 1

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I just spent 4 days earning this spectacular sunrise image of Mount Robson. I drove all day last Thursday from Seattle to Valemont, BC so that I could catch a helicopter ride on Friday morning to Berg Lake. The weather started out OK, but quickly turned lousy. I spent all day Saturday & Sunday in the campers shelter next to the wood stove, reading my book, and trying to stay warm while it was miserable outside. Both nights I experienced some terrifying thunderstorms that deposited fresh snow on the mountains down to an elevation not too far above the lake. I was getting grumpy and frustrated to say the least. I called my dad using my Iridium satellite phone for reassurance about the weather. The forecast said that it was going to be nice by Monday. I kept my fingers crossed. Sure enough, when my alarm went off yesterday morning, it was almost totally clear! I probably should have set my alarm for 15 minutes earlier than I did because the first light was already hitting the top of the mountain. I threw on my clothes and took off running to my “secret spot”. I arrived just in time to set up my camera to capture this perfect reflection of Mount Robson with a lenticular cloud on it’s summit.

In case you do not keep up with me already on Facebook & Twitter, I posted a bunch of iPhone photos & videos yesterday from my trip. I’m having a lot of fun and hope that you enjoy following my adventures.

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5 thoughts on “Berg Lake Sunrise Reflection 1

  1. It looks like it was worth it! This is a terrific shot. Can’t wait to see what you bring from the Tonquins, I’ve been dying to visit both places myself.

  2. As always, very good. But you have to pay the price of misery first. Hoping for good weather in AK

  3. Thank you fellas! Yes, you definitely have to do some suffering in order to capture moments like this.

    Younes-It was my second time to both of these locations. Needed a do over from 7 years ago when I was still trying to figure out how to take a picture. I think that I saw on your website that you have been to Floe Lake? That is a place I visited in 1994 and have always wanted to go back to. Someday I’ll make it.

  4. Good on ya Jon for sticking with it. Glad to hear the trip up was worth it. Looking forward to seeing more!

  5. Thanks! Even a last minute trip on my own can be successful. Sorry that you could not join me this time, Adam. Maybe this winter? I’m thinking of pulling my camping trailer down your way for part of it. Seattle is bleak for most of Nov-Feb.

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