Tonquin Valley Sunrise 3

Tonquin Valley Sunrise 3

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Here it is!  My favorite photo from my backpacking trip into the Tonquin Valley last week. Out of 500 images from 2 days of getting up at 5am for sunrise, backpacking over 40km while carrying my 50lb pack, & driving 1280 miles round-trip, this is the one that caught my attention the most. I can probably process and edit about 20 more images for my stock & publishing needs on top of the 4 that I have already posted here, but this is the one that I am most proud of. Why you ask?

1. Amethyst Lake was almost completely calm from where I was standing all the way across to the Ramparts, giving me a perfect mirror reflection.

2. The clouds were particularly symmetric above the Ramparts, but also in the reflection. I also like the way that the summits of the peaks are just barely in shadow, too. Very mysterious.

3. I like the dark gray color of the clouds and the direct front light on the mountains. This combination of yellow light & gray skies always looks very ominous and dramatic. Also, I find that publishers & art clients prefer blue skies, white clouds, & earth tones over the neon red/orange/yellow images that are more popular with photo contests.

4. The foreground rocks have a pleasant warm tone to them. Behind me, the sun was blocked by a large cloud which acted like a giant soft-box in the sky. During these few minutes, the sun would occasionally pop out and cause my shadow to be cast on the rocks, which I found distracting.

So, what do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Tonquin Valley Sunrise 3

  1. This is beautiful, Jon – I can see why it’s your favorite! And thanks very much for the peek behind the curtain – informative and educational.

    – Jack

  2. I can see why! Killer image Jon!!!!!

  3. V.E.R.Y…S.T.R.O.N.G.!

  4. Sweet Jon!

  5. Real nice capture Jon! Trying to figure out which version I like the best. #1 is fantastic with the strong reflection and color. But #5 has a calming quality that appeals to me. Nice all around! ~Dan

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