Mazama Ridge Ice Trees 1

Mazama Ridge Ice Trees 1

I went down to Mt Rainier on beautiful but crowded Sunday afternoon. The trail down from the Paradise parking lot to the start of Mazama Ridge was pretty solid, so I decided to walk up there and shoot the sunset. Most of you who have known me the past few years know that I have been trying to avoid snow, but this winter I have been putting in some effort to get some nice images. These snow covered trees are blasted by the wind and were encased in some spectacular ice formations. I thought that this composition was the best of my efforts. Please visit more of my Mount Rainier National Park Photography.

Hawai’i Magazine Cover January 2008

The new issue of Hawai’i magazine has just hit the newsstand and I have the cover image! I provided them with several images a few months ago. They were so impressed with my work that they decided to use my image “East Pond Lava Vent” on the cover of their February issue which commemorates the 25th Anniversary of the Kilauea eruption that started on Jan 3, 1983. Please visit my Publication Credits page to learn more about my nature photography publishing business or visit my Hawaii Volcanoes National Park page to see more of my Hawaiian images.

Sauk River Mist

Art Wolfe’s 2007 Environmental Photography Invitational

Landscape Category – Honorable Mention (2nd Place) – I am proud to announce that 5 of my images have been selected to be part of the 2007 EPI. This image of the fog parting over the Sauk River with crepuscular rays was taken from a Cesna 172 with the window open in October 2006. I could see this scene unfolding as the sun came up, and by the time that the pilot had gotten the plane into position, the fog was evaporating quickly. I got this shot on the first pass, and by the time we came around for a second run, all the fog had disappeared. It was a spectacular moment.

Wave Sunset 1

2006 Nature’s Best Photography Awards

This image of the famous “Wave” formation was taken at sunset in early January 2006. It recently appeared along with my lava image from Hawaii in Nature’s Best magazine’s annual photography awards. It was Highly Honored in the Art in Nature category.

My friend Duncan and I were the only people to apply for a permit to visit the Coyote Buttes in northern Arizona this particular day. We hiked in very early in the morning hoping to catch the sunrise, and then spent a beautiful sunny day relaxing and waiting for the sunset. It was gorgeous watching the formation turn orange with the low angle light. I was shooting both my 6×7 and panoramic cameras side by side, and almost missed this shot as the light finally went away. I’m glad that I can be this fast when taking and composing images, as this light went away within 10 seconds.

East Pond Vent 5

2006 Nature’s Best Photography Awards

My image, “East Pond Lava Vent” (vertical) was published in Nature’s Best magazine’s 2006 Photography Awards issue. It was recently selected from the 120 images that made up the awards to be one of the few images on display in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, DC this winter. It was awarded Highly Honored in the Art In Nature Category.  The exhibit opens Nov 16th to the public and will run through April 2007.