Lituya Bay Brown Bear

Alaskan Brown Bear in Lituya Bay

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I’ve been meaning to share this nice brown bear that I photographed during my visit in June to Lituya Bay on the outer coast of Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. My buddy and I spent several hours following this gorgeous bear as it worked its way along the shore eating grass. We kept moving my inflatable to position ourselves to be able to shoot into the nicest sections of flowers, in case the bear happened to walk through them. I really like the eye contact that I got in this image. The bear was only about 15 meters away from us. I tried to keep my 15hp outboard engine idling, just in case the bear decided it did not want to be photographed. However, the engine died a few times, which made my nervous. Whenever I am around bears I am always surprised how disinterested they are in me. It is hard to convey that feeling to people who have never seen a bear in the wild. I used my Canon 5D mkII, 500mm f4 IS lens, at f4, 1/160 sec, at ISO 400. I was also hand-holding it, which gets hard with that big heavy lens.

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4 thoughts on “Alaskan Brown Bear in Lituya Bay

  1. Beautiful image–the lupine add so much to this beautiful animal!

  2. Amazing work. We are cruising to Alaska in July 2010. Your photos are just amazing…and the information you give with them is very useful. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Congrats for the Nth cover Jon! helluva pic here 😀

  4. Thanks, Simone! I wish that I had good news like this more often, but it is hard to make a buck these days.

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