San Elijo New Years Sunset 1

San Elijo New Years Sunset 1

As promised, I am finally posting one of my incredible sunset images from New Years Day here at San Elijo State Beach in California. Not only was the sunset one of the most spectacular that I have ever witnessed, but there was also an extreme low tide that afternoon that exposed the reef & eel grass beds just in time to make an interesting foreground. I’ve got a few more that I will eventually share, but this will have to do for right now. I don’t have great internet access while traveling in California. Hopefully, I will see many more sunrises or sunsets like this during my Death Valley Tour this week. Wish me luck!

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11 thoughts on “San Elijo New Years Sunset 1

  1. What a great sunset indeed Jon! Wonderfully set up shot from the San Diego coast. Hope there are many more for you on your way through Badwater and The Racetrack.


  2. That is phenominal Jon. Hope you have a productive trip in DV.

  3. Send some of that sky to Southern Mexico for the end of the week please. Awersome image!

  4. Really nice Jon!

  5. I wish all of you great light, no matter where you are shooting soon. I have not seen color like this in 3+ years, so good luck!

  6. Really a magical shot! All the best on your DV trip.

  7. Great shot Jon! I can attest that this was one of the best sunsets that I’ve seen at the coast. It was mostly cloudy with just a small break at the horizon and didn’t light up until the last possible minute.

    I love the grooves in the reef leading to the sky. Best of luck in Death Valley!


  8. This beautiful picture is the result of the right person being in the right place at exactly the right time with the right equipment! Good job Jon! And good shooting in the next couple of weeks as well!

  9. Great Jon..

  10. Absolutely Stunning!

  11. See and photograph a sunset so ‘happens a few times in life … congratulations

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