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This small penguin, known as hoiho to the locals, is a native to New Zealand. Like all penguins, it eats fish and krill. However, this species is longer lived than most penguins. Some studies show they can live up to 20 years.

Hoihos live on the eastern and south-eastern coastlines of the South Island of New Zealand. They also live on Stewart Island, Auckland Islands, and the Campbell Islands in the Subantarctic. Visitors to the Otago Peninsula, for example, watch these birds from trenches, tunnels, and other man-made hiding spots.

Unfortunately, this species’ population is falling. In some areas, by as much as 70% since the mid-1990s. Some scientists blame rising ocean temperatures. However, an infectious outbreak in the mid 2000s played a large role in the decline.

Hopefully, with the help of human conservation efforts, these penguins will have a resurgence.

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