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The Garden Isle

The fourth largest of Hawaii’s main islands, Kauai is also the oldest. Because its volcanoes are long dormant, the island’s beauty is soft and gentle. Flowers bloom everywhere, and slopes of the island’s mountains are lush, and covered in grasses or jungle.

One of the wettest spots on Earth, the top of Mount Wai’ale’ale gets an annual average rainfall of 460 inches (1,170 cm.)  Downpours have eroded deep valleys in the mountain, carving out canyons with scenic waterfalls.

Perhaps the most famous attraction on Kauai is the Na Pali Coast. This state park runs a rugged 16 miles (26 km) along northwest Kauai. The coast extends from Kee Beach all the way to Polihale State Park.

At the end of the coastline lies the Kalalau Valley. This gem is renowned for its natural beauty. Inaccessible to automobiles, this pristine valley receives  abundant sun and ample rain to provides an ideal environment for Hawaii’s native flaura and fauna.

The best locations for photography on the island include Kee Beach and Polihale Beach at sunset, the Hanalei Valley, and the blow hole near Poipu. Most visitors photograph the Na Pali Coast from a helicopter or airplane, but Jon prefers backpacking the rugged trail.

Jon lives on Kauai, where he takes every available opportunity to photograph the island’s wonder.

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