North Sawyer Glacier 1

North Sawyer Glacier 1

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I have mixed feelings about photographing tidewater glaciers in Alaska. They are beautiful to visit, but I also know they will never be in the same position in my lifetime because of glacial recession due to climate change. During my previous visits to Tracy Arm, it was very difficult and dangerous for me to get close to the North Sawyer Glacier and impossible to approach the South Sawyer Glacier. The lack of floating ice during my recent visit might have been for a variety of reasons, but there is no denying that I would not have been able to stand on this recently exposed granite ledge when it was covered by the glacier a few years ago. After dedicating my last 4 summers to photographing Southeast Alaska, I have adapted my shooting style from always chasing dramatic sunset light to appreciating the subtle colors of the consistent overcast conditions. I was drawn to the red color of this ledge system and the patterns reminded me of Native American rock-art in the Southwest. There was no safe place to land my inflatable, so I had my dad drop me off for a few hours so that I could do my thing. He patiently floated amongst the ice and watched harbor seals until he saw me start waving like a mad-man wanting to get picked up. I wonder what the people on the handful of tour boats thought of the guy in the red jacket and bibs standing on this lonely ledge taking pictures?

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3 thoughts on “North Sawyer Glacier 1

  1. Very nice image. I too was dismayed a bit by the glaciers I saw along the Lynn Canal. Although last week was my first time in Alaska it was clearly evident, with dozens of yards of freshly exposed rock at the base of each one.

  2. Hey Jon…

    Thanks for the continued beautiful images and insightful commentary. I look forward to your Blog Posts in my official Apple internal RSS reader…

    PS How is the tethering going?

  3. Dusty-I am glad that you got to experience Southeast Alaska. Didn’t you end up having some great weather that week?

    Sean-I am glad that I am entertaining & motivational. The tethering worked great in Alaska. I’m not using it while I am home, but I will when I head back up there again in a little over 1 week. Tell everyone at Apple to follow my adventures. Better yet, I could use some sponsorship!

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