Ibex Dunes Sand Verbena Sunset 1

Ibex Dunes Sand Verbena Sunset 1

I want to thank California photographer Steve Sieren for camping with me last month in Joshua Tree National Park & for sharing his location advice about photographing desert wildflowers near the Ibex Dunes in Death Valley National Park. Following his advice, I drove 90 miles from where I set up my camp at Furnace Creek down to the southeastern corner of the park where the dunes are located. After a short 4wd excursion from the highway, I parked my truck and hiked for 45 minutes towards the dunes. I’ve been working with a lot of photo tour clients the past few months, so it was refreshing to experience such a fantastic location by myself. The sand verbena was in full bloom so I composed this image and waited for the exquisite light of sunset to capture the moment. If you want to photograph sand dunes without a ton of people & tracks on them, keep the Ibex Dunes in mind.

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6 thoughts on “Ibex Dunes Sand Verbena Sunset 1

  1. Great shot, Jon! I should join you next time you’re out there since it’s a relatively short drive for me.

  2. Perhaps next time our timing will work out. I had a great time & miss the warm weather already. I spend a lot of time in 50° and cloudy.

  3. Beautiful image, Jon! The light is just sublime.


  4. Great photo Jon, beautiful light and composition!

  5. Hey Jon, thanks for the shout out and of course beautiful image! I’m a snail, I don’t even have my mine up yet.

  6. Great photo Jon, beautiful light and composition!

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