Humpback Whale Breach 100

Humpback Whale Breach 100

A few months ago, I stopped posting images while traveling, because I didn’t like the results of my color processing on my 13″ MacBook Pro. I thought that I would make an exception for this new humpback whale breaching image from my last week of cruising Southeast Alaska.

Last Sunday, I left Juneau and motored my 22′ C-Dory 90 miles south down Stephens Passage to Frederick Sound. The weather forecast was typically miserable, however, I was elated to experience sunny skies for 3 days. My previous attempts at photographing humpbacks breaching have not been very successful, so I assumed that my chance of capturing anything epic was miniscule. The several hundred whales on Frederick Sound typically only come to the surface for 3-4 breaths before deep diving to feed for 20 minutes. The most common photo is of their tails. In order to photograph a breach, I have to locate a playful whale that is not several miles away, which is what I did with this youngster.  It repeatedly breached, slapped its pectoral fins, and tail lobbed near my small boat for over 2 hours. Incredible! To see more incredible humpback whales, go to my humpback whale photos gallery.

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11 thoughts on “Humpback Whale Breach 100

  1. That is really impressive Jon! Wow!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Thank you! I photographed 12 breaching sequences that have highly publishable images. It’s going to take me months to edit all of it.

  4. Magnificent action shot!

  5. Incredible is right!! I so want to capture this. I’ve experienced it while living in Hawaii…a few times. I’ve even been in the water right with them…just without a camera! Hopefully I’ll join you next year.

  6. This is a really great shot~!! Beautiful~!

  7. These are such beautiful animals. You do them justice! Incredible shot Jon!

  8. Incredible shot. Congrats on capturing it – reward for perseverance

  9. Amazing Jon. The height on the jump is crazy! Kudos on capturing this behavior.

  10. Jon,
    So that’s what I missed out on! That image has some energy and some power. Very nice. You are the whale man.

  11. This is absolutely stunning! It’s really the perfect moment of a breach, and its amazing to think of the power that animal must have to get its body so far out of the water. The colors in the sky, water, and backdrop are beautiful as well.

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