Brennisteinsalda Steam Vents 6

Brennisteinsalda Steam Vents 6

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During my trip to Iceland, I was enthralled by the dramatic landscape of Landmannalaugar and fortunate that the road had just opened a few days before my visit. Because it was considered early in the season, there were very few people around. I camped for 4 days, with the main challenge being that I slept during the day. I always wonder why anyone would visit the Arctic during the summer and sleep rather than stay up all night. Except for my travel buddy, I had Landmannalaugar all to myself each night from 8pm until 5am. This is another one of my favorite images that I created after hiking up to the Brennisteinsalda steam vents and photographing the dramatic light on Blahnukur.

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1 thought on “Brennisteinsalda Steam Vents 6

  1. Nice images. The steam looks almost like ocean waves crashing over the rocks.

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