Gray Line Alaska 2011 Cover

Gray Line Alaska 2011 Cover

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A few months ago, Gray Line of Alaska contacted me about licensing my image of a brown bear surrounded by lupine for the cover of their 2010 brochure. Here is what the cover looks like. You can also download the brochure here. I photographed this brown bear during my week-long visit to Lituya Bay on the remote outer coast of Glacier Bay National Park in June 2009. You can read how I created this image in my original blog post.

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4 thoughts on “Gray Line Alaska 2011 Cover

  1. Congratulations, Great image!

  2. Jon, that’s great image – and a nice feather in your cap!

    Looks like you used a moderate telephoto – I’m wondering how close you were to that bear though. It looks like you were almost *too* close. But that’s what makes it such a nice capture.

    Charlie MacPherson

  3. Wow Jon, its rare to see so much color in a bear portrait, this one is tops and perfect for a calendar cover!

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