Atlantic Puffin 1

Atlantic Puffin 1

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This is my favorite Atlantic puffin image from my Iceland trip. I had wanted to do-over the puffins I shot on my first visit to Iceland 9 years ago. I was glad they were still around, though not in the same numbers I remembered. I only spent 1 night photographing them on the cliffs at Latrabjarg, but was fortunate the sky was clear at sunset which bathed the puffins in golden light. Just when I thought I would have the cliffs to myself, a tour group showed up. I can’t complain because I moved around enough to avoid the puffin-jams and still photographed some beautiful poses. The cliffs are between 50-100m high, so I got as close to the edge as I was comfortable, but people have fallen to their deaths by getting too close, including an unfortunate German tourist a week after my visit. My heart went out to his family when I heard the news. I’ve got many more puffin & Iceland images to share in the weeks ahead.

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3 thoughts on “Atlantic Puffin 1

  1. Wow! Terrific! Great light. (I am curious about how much post-processing was required to get the intense reds and the luminous highlights.)

  2. BobM-I will email you an unmodified RAW jpeg & a screen capture of my Aperture settings. I don’t do much to my images. I have figured out how to make color work for me. The 1st 10 years was the hardest!

  3. Beautiful image, Jon. The color and light is wonderful in this one. Thanks for sharing it.

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