Piedras Blancas Coastline 1

Piedras Blancas Coastline 1

Here’s an image that I took from the Piedras Blancas elephant seal colony near San Simeon, CA last month. The day I got this shot I was not having any luck shooting critters, so when the sun started to set I turned my attention to the landscape. The scene before me was the epitome of Big Sur: waves were crashing against the rugged coastline and heavy clouds were billowing down from the mountains towards the ocean. This spongy mat of icicle plants covering the cliffs served as the anchor point for this image of unspoiled California. (Correction-Icicle plants are an invasive species from South Africa. My bad.)

I just spent a nice week with my family camping near San Diego. We flew home yesterday, and Monday I fly back down for 10 days with some client-friends. All this while trying to balance my family responsibilities. Wish me luck!

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5 thoughts on “Piedras Blancas Coastline 1

  1. What a beautiful picture. It looks as if it must be a painting!

  2. This is stunning. It does look like a painting.

  3. Painting? I am always strive to create art, sometimes it comes out better than others.

  4. Love the texture of this one, very nice indeed 😉

  5. I love the way the light is dancing off the icicle plants in the foreground. It is both interesting and pretty and it keeps drawing my eye. If this was your second place subjecy, I’d say you still had a good day.

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