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The ocellaris clownfish (common clownfish) is a fish of stocky appearance and oval shape. Famous for its appearance in the movie Finding Nemo, this fish can grow up to 11 cm (4.3 inches). Though its frame looks flat from the front or back, it displays a round profile. Usually, its body is orange to reddish-brown, but it can also be black. Meanwhile, it has three vertical white stripes outlined with a fine black line. The first passes just behind the eye, the second in the middle of the body and the third one circles the caudal peduncle.

This species shelters in the eastern Indian Ocean and in the western Pacific Ocean. Likewise, it can live in Northern Australia, Southeast Asia and Japan. This fish’s color depends on its location. For example, black fish with white bands live near northern Australia, Southeast Asia, and Japan.

Clownfish live in small groups on outer reef slopes or in sheltered lagoons at a maximal depth of 15 meters. There, these fish form symbiotic relationships with anemone.

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