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Above the Canopy

Located in the northwest Polynesian Archipelego, the islands of Hawaii house a huge range of flora and fauna. Nowhere is this abundance more clear than in its many species of birds.

As of 2017, ornithologists noted 338 species of birds on the islands. 64 of these were are (or were) native. 130 had migrated from other places. Humans brought the other 53 species. Sadly, thirty-three of the 64 native species are extinct or approaching extinction.

On Kauai, for example, the highland-dwelling Hawaiian honeycreepers face collapse. These colorful, finch-like birds have lived in Hawaii’s tropical forests for thousands of years. Recently, however, their numbers have fallen. If temperatures continue to rise, pushing mosquitos further up the mountains, we could lose not only the honeycreepers, but other species of birds as well.

Cornforth Images strives to capture these birds in their natural beauty, before they are gone. Come with him as he hikes through rivers and scales mountain trails to find that perfect moment.

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