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On Top of the World

Arctic Alaska is the only part of the USA that lies within the Arctic Circle. This region is home to Prudhoe Bay, Barrow, Kotzebue, Nome, and Galena. Most towns in this area can only be reached by aircraft or snowmobile. So the scenery is out of this world!

This corner of the world is special because of it’s tundra ecosystem. Frozen subsoil underlies its mountain ranges and coastal plains. Brown bears, Dall sheep, wolves, caribou, and even polar bears thrive on this icy wilderness. If that’s not enough, look overhead and see numerous species of birds pierce the sky.

Arctic Alaska may be remote, but it is vast. Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve alone is larger than the size of Belgium. Meanwhile, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the largest wildlife refuge in the country.

With both midnight sun and polar night, this part of the world offers infinite ways to catch that perfect moment in nature.

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