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Endangered Giants

The polar bear (Ursus maritimus) is a carnivorous marine mammal who lives in the land and seas of the Arctic Circle. As large as the omnivorous Kodiak bear, Ursus maritimus are a sister species of smaller brown bears. However, unlike brown bears, the polar bear occupies a narrow ecological niche, and is dependent on sea ice for survival. At the edge of the ice, these bears hunt for seals. As Arctic ice dwindles, these majestic creatures have become a symbol of nature in peril.

Jon endeavors to capture images of these white giants while there is still time and has traveled to remote locations in Alaska and Svalbard to be near them. Mother bears arch protectively over their young. In the freezing water, a polar bear swims for the nearest ledge of ice. Sometimes, a bear sits on the ice alone, thinking about and seeing the world in ways mere humans cannot dream of.

For time immemorial, these bears have been part of the spiritual, cultural and material life of peoples in the Arctic. Hopefully, with human help and efforts at preservation, their species will survive many more winters.

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