Kua Bay Shorebreak 1

Kua Bay Shorebreak 1

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While I was in Hawaii in February, I spent more time photographing shore break waves. It’s a lot of fun waiting for a big set to come in and amazing how fast 3-4 hours goes by. I’ve photographed in much more extreme environments, but never in a place where I get pummeled by my subject. This is my favorite tube from my efforts to date. I love the tube slamming shut and the light coming through the wave on to the shallow sandy bottom. My biggest limitation at this point (other than not living in Hawaii!) is that my camera only shoots 4fps. If I shoot video at 30fps and slow the action down, I can see all the images that I am not getting. In order to continue my wave photography ambitions, I am considering purchasing the new Canon 1DX which shoots at 12fps. I created this image with my Canon 5DmkII and 14mm f2.8 lens inside my Aquatech 5DmkII housing with a Aquatech 8″ dome port. This image is a single-exposure which required a minimal amount of processing using Aperture 3 and Photoshop CS5.

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