Jokulsarlon Icebergs Sunrise 1

Jokulsarlon Icebergs Sunrise 1

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My regular readers know that I just returned from my 2nd trip to the beautiful but stark country of Iceland. I had previously visited Iceland in 2001 when I was beginning my photography career but had not yet mastered the camera.  I had several regrets from that 1st trip, so it was nice to put them to rest. Shooting conditions where incredibly difficult due to the constant cloudy weather. Also, because it is summer in the Arctic, the sun barely dipped below the horizon between 12-3am. This made for long nights of shooting, which required me to sleep during the day. I started to appreciate the demanding schedule of vampires. One of the locations that I was determined to photograph was Jokulsarlon. This spectacular lagoon is choked with icebergs that have calved off of the Breidamerkurjokull glacier. Is is an abstract photographer’s dream. I created this atmospheric image when the sunrise light briefly illuminated the tops of the thin layer of clouds at 3am.

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2 thoughts on “Jokulsarlon Icebergs Sunrise 1

  1. Great image! If this is an indication, it was a very successful trip.

  2. Thanks, Bob. If you like this image, then the rest of my new work will not disappoint you.

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