Jokulsarlon Beach Sunset 2

Jokulsarlon Beach Sunset 2

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I’ve been intending to add some new images from my trip to Iceland, but have had a lot going on the last week. I was pretty underwhelmed by the photos that I’d seen of icebergs stranded on the beach in front of Jokulsarlon before my trip, so this location was not a priority for me to shoot. I scouted this location a few times in the middle of the night, but the clouds and light were terrible. I either did not shoot any pictures or deleted most of them once I got home. However, I created this surprisingly beautiful photograph at 12:30am on my last night at Jokulsarlon.  I love the color that the clouds reflected from the midnight sun. This translucent piece of ice made a nice foreground, as well as the repetition patterns of the larger icebergs behind it. This was also as dark as it got during my entire 15 day visit, which was great for shooting but not for sleeping.

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5 thoughts on “Jokulsarlon Beach Sunset 2

  1. Nice shot, Jon. That translucent piece of ice really stands out. Is it translucent because it is melting, or because of what’s in the water?

  2. The oldest ice from a glacier has been compressed so much that there is no air left in it. Ice-sculptures are also made from special clear ice that is manufactured. When icebergs break up, the pieces in the middle that were not exposed to the elements look like this. There are all kinds of fantastic patterns, shapes, & colors in the hi-res file.

  3. John, you got lucky with some very nice skies. That is one of my favorite places to photograph. Here’s one I came away with, from earlier in the year when the sun actually went down for a couple of hours:

    Looking forward to seeing what else you returned with.


  4. Ben-Your picture is nice, but exactly the kind that I took the rest of the time that I was there & what I was referring to in my post. I’m glad that I got something for all my effort with a little bit of color. You know how it goes waiting for the light & getting lucky once in awhile.

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