Humpback Whale Breach 108

Humpback Whale Breach 108

Another freakin’ humpback whale breaching photo? Well, yes, it is! I normally prefer breaching images at the peak of the whale’s trajectory, because they don’t appear as powerful in the limp-coming back down phase, let alone when the big splash happens. However, what I do like about this image is that it shows the power of the whale’s tail propelling it almost completely out of the water. You can see that there is very little of the whale still connected to the surface. I had to keep moving my inflatable for safety, but I also wanted to keep the whale on the inside of me in order to photograph it against the pretty blue mountains in the distance. See more photos of humpback whales.

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8 thoughts on “Humpback Whale Breach 108

  1. I can’t get enough of these Whale Breach shots. Each one is so spectacular. Just out of curiosity, do you ever get wet when the big splash happens?

  2. Why yes, I have actually gotten splashed. One time a whale let me know that it was done being photographed. However, this whale was very happy to repeatedly pose for me for 2 hours and neither of us ever felt threatened.

  3. Love it Jon, especially the snow-capped mountains in the background, which is so different from what I’m accustomed to

  4. Beautiful capture – amazing energy and power!

  5. Congrats Jon,
    it is just the perfect moment!
    Sometimes it is nice to see them on the way down – this pics shows why.
    We will be starting with our film/photo production about orcas in a few days…hope to see some “humpies” too.

  6. Well done, great whale shot, as everyone is saying. They didn’t perform for me when we were up there a couple of years ago.

  7. Really fantastic shot — its amazing how a creature that large can propel its entire body out of the water!

  8. Amazing shot!! I can never get images like that. Just wonderful 🙂

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