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Cornforth Images Featured On Pixcetera

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In 2008, my image “Wailau Beach Rainbow” and “Johns Hopkins Inlet Sunrise” were part of the Nature’s Best Ocean Views exhibit at the Smithsonian that was featured on AOL’s Pixcetera website. Because of the trememdous amount of exposure that I received, I was offered the opportunity to have an entire portfolio of my images featured later in the coming year. Well, it has finally happened and my feature is now up and running on Pixcetera! Click on the link that maximizes the window and take a look. Enjoy. You can also check out the humpback whale photos main gallery, for more pictures of humpback whales bubble-net feeding, breaching, blowing, tails and swimming underwater.

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5 thoughts on “Cornforth Images Featured On Pixcetera

  1. Just letting you know as an animal lover, I adore your pics. The sea otters are my favorite…….. So cute! What I would give to have your job. (I am a nursing student), but feel I connect with the animals, and am envious of you…LOL.

  2. Given the exposure you are probably getting from the presentation of your photographs on the web, I don’t know that your eyes will ever see this letter, but I still wish to express my appreciation for your work. I am thankful that you had the wisdom to recognize your talent and the determination to pursue it as your life’s work. I am a rank amateur at photography, but I have enough experience with a camera to know the spectacular patience and unique skill it takes to capture the splendor that radiates from your photographs. I am confident that over time, your artistic talents will be validated by such crass measures as money and notoriety, but I hope you never forget that the true value of your talent is realized in the moments like I experienced this morning. Life is beautiful. Some of us see it better than others, but very few have the gift to show it to us all. You have that gift, and I am grateful that your artistic expression colored my world this morning.

  3. Oh my gosh! The Sea otter photos are definitely amazing, bro! 😀 California Otter 20, 28, 29, 42, 7, 14, 16 and Fern Harbor Otter 7 are just magnificent! All of your photos are amazing regardless of where you take them! I’ve never seen anything like it: Sea otters posing like human beings! Keep up the good work Cornforth-san! ^_^ Your Japanese fan, – Karina –

  4. I just wanted to tell you that you have beautiful work you are a inspiration keep up the good work

  5. Absolutely superb shot – thanks for sharing with us

    Jason (wildlife artist)

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