Chilkat Bald Eagle 101

Chilkat Bald Eagle 101

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Seriously, how did this image get on my memory card? Full frame, no cropping, clean bokeh, & a perfect composition! I am only averaging 6 opportunities each day to track a flying eagle. This just goes to show you that you have to keep trying until you get it right.

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16 thoughts on “Chilkat Bald Eagle 101

  1. Wow, great image Jon! Congatulation

  2. Amazing image!!!

  3. Wowza. Great capture.

  4. Jon – one word says it all – Stellar! It looks like your trip is paying off in a BIG way. Can’t wait to see more!

  5. Amazing shot! Congratulations!

  6. Damn!! I’m jealous!!! Great shot Jon!!

  7. Thank you, all!

    Sherri-I hope that you aren’t going to be waiting too long, because this is exactly 1 frame out of 1700 so far. My clients all agreed that the first day’s images are a total waste. I’m still after the perfect eagles grappling in flight shot. Wish me luck!

  8. Flipping brilliant shot! One of your finest eagle shots, and that says something.

  9. wicked awesome!!….looks like you are possibly freezing your a s s ….. but it is worth it it seems. Was glad to meet you last month.

  10. Jon, there is only one way those images appear of a flash card and it is not by accident at all. Looks like your diligence paid off. The bird is beautifully lit–perhaps reflective light from the snow?

  11. Beautifully lit Jon, is that reflective light from the snow? Diligence produces.

  12. Jon,
    The bird is beautifully lite by what looks like reflective light from the snowy ground? It is a clean and compelling frame, glad to see you got a few keepers from the trip. Let’s see if this one comes through.

  13. Patrick-I got your comments approved. You nailed it, reflective light from the snow. I was working all the light angles that I could. Thank you for your vote of confidence about it not being random that this images came through!

  14. This is a fantastic action image Jon. Putting in the work must make it feel all that much more rewarding when you come away with something like this.

  15. Awesome image!

  16. One of the KIND

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