California Sea Lion 6

California Sea Lion 6

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I do not often have access to the internet during my trips, so I thought that it would be kind of fun to post some images from my short adventure down to Monterey this week. The main purpose of my trip is to photograph sea otters at Elkhorn Slough the next few days, but I got up this morning to try and photograph the California sealions that rest on the breakwater at the entrance to the harbor. The sunrise light was pretty nice, but it was hard to find a sealion that was faced the right direction. It is pretty amazing to be able to watch these animals from only a few feet away. The sealions are always growling and barking and each other just like this image.

These are my first images taken with my new Canon 50D. The files look pretty good. I figured out that Aperture does not yet support the new files, though. I did some Google searches and discovered that I need to covert my RAW files into DNG files until Apple comes out with the update for the new camera. Hopefully, that will not be too far in the future.

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