California Sea Lion 2

California Sea Lion 2

I went down to the Monterey Harbor breakwater again this morning for another sunrise shoot. I tried shooting more of the entire animal rather than the tight portraits that I shot yesterday. Fortunately, I found a sealion that was not sleeping on the rocks with his face the wrong direction. I spent about an hour observing this big male, even though the golden light was only good for about the first 15 minutes.

I am pretty impressed with the Canon 50D so far. The files seem to be more than enough for my needs. I am hand holding most of these images with my 400 f4 DO IS lens, so I think that my non-sharp images have to do with me and the image stabilizer moving around. It is too bad that I can not look at the RAW files yet in Aperture, but I am using the Adobe DNG converter as a work around for importing and viewing them.

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