Brennisteinsalda Steam Vents 1

Brennisteinsalda Steam Vents 1

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I’ve been editing my images from my trip to Iceland the last few days. My regular readers might recall that I was complaining about the dreary weather the entire trip. Just because the conditions are miserable does not mean that there weren’t any photos to be had. Due to my years of photographing Alaska, I am adept at shooting in cloudy conditions. While the general public is happy with blue skies (as I am about to enjoy myself this afternoon), the light that I need to create dramatic photographs requires being willing to work in less than inspiring conditions. For example, consider this image of the Brennisteinsalda steam vents. I created it at the end of a cloudy day in Landmannalaugar when there was no sunset light. I experimented by taking over 200 images of the steam emanating from the ground in order to capture the steam pattern and dark clouds in this the decisive moment.

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4 thoughts on “Brennisteinsalda Steam Vents 1

  1. Nice one Jon. Do they have trail systems around the volcanic stuff in these areas like in Yellowstone or can you just wander wherever and take your chances?

  2. Richard-They have a trail that goes up to these vents, but otherwise you are free to burn yourself if you get too close. I almost did a few times. Good thing that I had a lot of warm clothes on to protect my skin.

  3. I love the colors and the mood this photograph creates!

  4. That is some fascinating countryside!

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