Batbitim Palm Tree Reflection 1

Batbitim Palm Tree Reflection 1

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During my recent journey to the Misool Ecoresort in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, my main ambition was underwater photography. I created most of my images while scuba diving at a depth of 10-20m. However, I made this dramatic image in the shallow water located between the dive center and restaurant. This beautiful tropical lagoon was composed of a white sand beach and teemed with baitfish and baby blacktip reef sharks. I had originally intended to photograph these creatures, but when I discovered the reflection of the coconut palm trees on the surface I turned my attention to photographing this instead. I was also drawn to the spectral refraction patterns on the sandy bottom, but the surface reflection is really where any good wide-angle underwater image can be found. I created this image without looking through my viewfinder through trial and error until I figured out how far back to angle my camera housing while it rested in the sand. I used my Canon 5DmkII and Canon 17-40mm f4 lens with a +3 diopter inside of my Ikelite 5DmkII housing with my 8″ dome port. This image required minimal processing using Aperture 3 and Photoshop CS5.

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4 thoughts on “Batbitim Palm Tree Reflection 1

  1. Great shot as always Jon – would be a great wall hanger! Definitely soothing and a very cool angle to capture. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful image, Jon; but technically not a reflection, is it? If light waves pass through something, vs being bounced into a different angle..?

    Cheers, & looks like you had another great trip.

  3. Thanks Brian & Gary! That is an interesting point that you bring up. I wonder what the technical answer is. I believe that even though I am looking through the water at the trees, it is the underside of the reflection of the image on the surface. Hmm? I think I slept through optical physics.

  4. That’s pretty cool effect Jon – I see you’re into diving as well..One of those things I’ve wanted to get into for awhile, but kinda landlocked where I’m at now near Spokane 🙂

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