Backpacker June 2009 Cover

Backpacker Magazine Cover June 09

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The new issue of Backpacker is out, and I am pleased to announce that I have the cover image! One funny note, though, after they chose this image for the cover they asked me if they could change the yellow fall colored larch trees back to green since this would be a summer issue. If a publisher is going to pay me, I really do not mind what they need to do to my photos to make it work. Next time I might offer to make the color change for them, as I think they just grabbed the Yellow Saturation slider and moved the overall Hue towards Green. How does it compare to my original image to you?

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15 thoughts on “Backpacker Magazine Cover June 09

  1. Woohoo! Congrats!

  2. That’s a great shot Jon! Where’s the backpacker, on top of that mountain? 🙂 Seriously, your credit list is impressive.

  3. Looks like you and I have stood at the same spot in our past. I hiked into the enchanments about 15 years ago and have a panorama of this very same look. Clear blue sky and sun. They are almost identical. Love the new blog. I am working on getting one ready for

  4. I’ve been getting Backpacker for years and have always admired the stunning photography. To see your picture on the cover is a true testament to your skill as an accomplished nature and landscape photographer. Job well done Jon—keep the covers coming!

  5. Jon:

    Cover shot looks terrific, as does the large format you’re using to display images on the blog. Well done!


  6. Congratulations on another great cover Jon! I will have to buy the magazine and add it to my collection. Guess I will have to get used to this new way of communicating with you! Mom

  7. Congrats Jon! It looks great!

  8. Hi Jon,

    I subscribe to Backpacker and when I received this copy I immediately went to find the credit for the photographer who took this “killer” image. This image is simply as good as they get. I know for sure I will be spending a good amount of time reading through your blog.

  9. Congratulations Jon! Wonderful image!

  10. Hey Jon,
    congrats to the cover. I think I do not need to say much about your excelents in your landscape photography. The images speak for themselves. About this cover: I like the REAL image with the yellow larches much better. The altered image seems just “flater” to me. I understand about needing to make sales, but would have hoped a magazine would just publish this shot and story in the fall……..

  11. Thanks, Florian. I wish they would have asked me to do the color adjustment. They asked about making the yellow larches green, since it was the June cover, but it looks to me like they just grabbed the yellow saturation and dragged it towards green. Either way, they can do whatever they want for a $1500 cover usage!

  12. Jon, Fantastic to turn the cover and see your name in the credits. I’m sure there will be many more to come! Do you do autographs?

  13. I can certainly indulge an autograph if you can figure out how to get me your magazine. Thanks.

  14. Congrats on that fantastic cover! I recognized that scene the moment I pulled this issue out of my mailbox. Also, very nice site, and lovely work. You give me inspiration in my own photographic endeavors. Cheers!

  15. Thank you, Eli! I am pleased to know that you have been up there in the Enchantments yourself. It has been a few years since I have been up there myself. Maybe this Sept?

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