Auckland Island 3

Auckland Island 3

During my expedition to the Subantarctic, my primary ambition was to photograph penguins for my ongoing South Pacific project. Still, I also created dramatic landscape images whenever the opportunities arose. I photographed this scene on remote Auckland Island during a short hike up to the site of an old WWII coast watcher’s position. I can not imagine the hardships that these young men had to endure for years at a time. Clearly, it was incredibly windy when I created this image. I like the movement of the blowing grasses in the gale force winds with the dark clouds in the background. I think that it perfectly captures the extreme isolation of this wilderness landscape.

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1 thought on “Auckland Island 3

  1. Oh My God! such a beauty it is.
    It seems like I m living this beauty in real. The photographer has really captured an amazing photograph.
    I cant get enough of seeing this marvelous photograph of Auckland Island.

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