Alaska Airlines July 2010 Cover

Alaska Airlines July 2010 Cover

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I am pleased to share my latest cover image on Alaska Airlines. This is the 3rd time this year and the 2nd month in a row that they have selected one of my photographs for the cover of their in-flight magazine. I photographed this brown bear diving for a salmon when I visited the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary & Refuge in August 2006. My buddy & I were fortunate to be the only visitors the last week of August, so the ranger gave us a private tour. Even he said that he had never been to some of the areas that we hiked to. I had applied several years in a row for the lottery but never got a permit. Like most people, I had applied for the height of the salmon run and the bear congregation in July. This time I applied for the last week of the season and received a permit. So did 8 other people, but none of them showed up. I’ve was told that it is also easy to get a permit for the first week or two of the summer. So, keep those shoulder season dates in mind if you ever want to photograph brown bears and have McNeil River all to yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Alaska Airlines July 2010 Cover

  1. Congrats, Jon! That is quite a capture of a dramatic moment.

  2. Jon —- another great cover picture! I don’t think I’ve seen this one before. Dad is looking forward to getting his own copy when he flies up to Juneau in a couple of weeks. He spoke to someone on the lake today who just came down from Alaska and said they saw your picture on the plane’s magazine. How cool is that?

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