Sierra Club Wilderness 2010 Cover

Sierra Club 2010 Wilderness Cover

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My above image, taken in Denali National Park in August 2006, is the cover photo of the 2010 Sierra Club Wilderness calendar! I’d visited this pond in 2005 but I never got this kind of light, or even saw the mountain. In 2006 I tried a few times to photograph Denali from this spot, but never got the mountain itself until my perseverance paid off with this dramatic and striking image. There are hundreds of ponds near the Wonder Lake campground and I’d walked by most of them, deciding that this was the nicest one that framed the mountain. It is  accessible via a strenuous 1 hour hike southwest of the campground. I missed the fall colors in Denali this year, but I am flying up to Anchorage on Monday to look for fall colors around the Chugach & Kenai for the next 10 days.  Wish me luck.