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Rhyticeros plicatus

Blyth’s hornbill (Rhyticeros plicatus) is a large hornbill inhabiting the forest canopy in Wallacea and Melanesia. Its local name, in Tok Pisin, is kokomo.

Up to 91 cm (36 in) in length, the adult male displays black plumage with a golden or orange-buff head. Meanwhile, this throat and tail ate white. Though its irises are reddish brown, its eyes are surrounded by naked, pale-blue skin.

The female is smaller. However, it’s still a mainly black bird with a white throat and tail. Both sexes have a very large, horn-coloured bill.

In flight, the sound of its wings is loud and distinctive. It’s a rushing noise, like steam escaping from a locomotive. This bird also makes far-reaching, guttural grunting and laughing calls.

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