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Colibri thlassinus

The Mexican violetear is a medium-sized, metallic green hummingbird commonly found in forested areas from Mexico to Costa Rica. This species, together with the lesser violetear, are together called the green violetear.

The Mexican violetear belongs to the order Apodiformes. The name comes from the Greek words “a pous,” meaning “without foot.” However, while apodiforms do in fact have feet, they are small and their legs are short and weak. Many birds in this order cannot walk. Thus they rarely if ever land on the ground. That’s because there, they are not well-adapted to escape from predators. Hence, members of this order spend a majority of their time in the air.

Medium-sized by hummingbird standards, this bird averages around 9.7 to 12 cm (3.8 to 4.7 in) in total length. Its bill is black and mostly straight with only a slight downward curve. Meanwhile, its body mass can vary from 4.8 to 5.6 g (0.17 to 0.20 oz).

In terms of color, this bird is shining green above with a glittering violet ear-patch on the sides of its neck. Additionally, its throat and chest are a more glittering green with a shining green belly. Finally, its tail is a metallic blue-green with bronze central feathers and a prominent black subterminal band.

This bird is a beautiful sight to behold, and a treasure to capture on camera.

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