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Ramphastos ambiguus swainsonii

The chestnut-mandibled toucan or Swainson’s toucan (Ramphastos ambiguus swainsonii) is a subspecies of the yellow-throated toucan which breeds from eastern Honduras to northern Colombia to western Ecuador.

Like other toucans, the chestnut-mandibled is brightly marked and has a large bill. The male is 56 cm long, while the smaller female is typically 52 cm long. Weight ranges from 599 to 746 grams (1.3-1.6 lbs).

Small flocks, usually consisting of 3-12 birds, move through the forest with an undulating flight, rarely traveling more than 100 m at a time. This species is primarily an arboreal fruit-eater, but will also take insects, lizards, eggs, and frogs. Flocks will follow keel-billed toucans to exploit their sources of food.

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