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Mountains and Beaches

Olympic National Park is a national park located on Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula. The park contains three basic regions: the Pacific coastline, the Olympic Mountains, and a temperate rainforest.

Of these, the Olympics mountains are most famous. Glaciers drape over the sides of these peaks, because this area receives a huge amount of snow.  Of the mountains, Mount Olympus rises highest—reaching 7,965 ft. Of its glaciers, the largest is the Hoh Glacier, nearly 3.1 miles (5 km) in length.

The park features a network of hiking trails, although it will usually take more than a weekend to get to the high country in the interior. A nearly unique feature of the Park is the opportunity for backpacking along the beach. The coastal portion of the park is a rugged, sandy beach along with a strip of adjacent forest.

Beaches here include First Beach, Hobuck Beach, Ruby Beach, Second Beach, Rialto Beach, and Shi Shi Beach. Between February and April, pods of gray whales  linger just off shore on their migration to Alaskan waters.

Notably, Hurricane Ridge displays wildflower during the summer and beautiful snow scenes during the winter. Photographers can best catch the park’s mossy green rainforest in the spring on overcast days when the leaves are wet. In these condition, use a polarizer to eliminate glare.

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