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A Place for Giving Birth

Ivvavik National Park is a national park in Canada. The park’s name means “nursery” or “a place for giving birth” in the region’s aboriginal Inuvialuktan language. That’s because the park serves to protect the calving grounds of the Porcupine caribou.

The British Mountains dominate the park, accounting for about two-thirds of its area. Further, the park contains the Northern Yukon and Mackenzie Delta natural reagons. In terms of getting around, the Firth River acts as a natural corridor—both for a variety of wildlife and for park visitors.

There are three main vegetation types here: arctic tundra, alpine tundra, and taiga. Arctic and alpine tundra are the most common. However taiga is, in a way, the most important. That’s because taiga exists in the transition between boreal forest and tundra. This unusual niche allows the growth of open stands of stunted spruce as well as balsam poplar.

Because of the park’s remote location, visiting is very difficult. Almost all of the few hundred annual visitors raft the Firth River on multi-week expeditions. All trips start in the northern outpost of Inuvik, where an airplane charter flies explorers into and out of the park.

Photography in Ivvavik National Park is anywhere you point your camera. Some of the most photogenic locations include the granite tors above Muskeg Creek, Joe Creek, Engigstciak hill.

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