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Waterfalls and Sequoias

Yosemite National Park is a national park lying in the western Sierra Nevada of California. With its vast, 1,189 square miles of wilderness, this park boasts waterfalls, valleys, meadows and ancient giant sequoias.

Another famous aspect of the park is it’s granite rocks. These reveal remnants of older rock that harken to the area’s geology. About 10 million years ago, the Sierra Nevada rose and then tilted. This formed relatively gentle western slopes that contrasted with more dramatic eastern slopes. Because this shift increased the steepness of streams, flowing water eventually formed deep, narrow canyons.

Then, about 1 million years ago, snow and ice accumulated to form glaciers in the higher alpine meadows. As this snowpack migrated down river valleys, it cut and sculpted the U-shaped valley that attracts so many visitors today.

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  • Horsetail Firefalls

    Horsetail Firefalls

  • Merced River Grass 1

    Merced River Grass 1

  • Merced River Grass 2

    Merced River Grass 2

  • Yosemite Falls Backlit

    Yosemite Falls Backlit

  • Yosemite Falls Reflection 1

    Yosemite Falls Reflection 1

  • Yosemite Falls Reflection 2

    Yosemite Falls Reflection 2