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Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is a national park located in southeastern California. This vast area, slightly larger than Rhode Island, is named for the Joshua trees (Yucca brevifolia) native to the park. Because of its size, this park straddles two deserts. These, in turn, display ecosystems determined by their elevation.

The higher and cooler Mojave Desert Provides a unique habitat for Yucca brevifolia. This tree occurs in patterns from dense forests to distantly spaced specimens. In addition to Joshua tree forests, the park includes some of the most interesting geologic displays found in California’s deserts.

Bare rock litters the terrain, usually broken up into loose boulders. Because of this, the hills provide challenges for rock climbers and scramblers alike. Between these hills, flatlands contain sparse, individual Joshua trees. Together with the boulder piles and Skull Rock, the trees make the for an otherworldly landscape.

Because a road bisects the park, Joshua Tree is easy to photograph. Cap Rock, Skull Rock, Jumbo Rocks, White Tank, and Arch Rock are all great locations to frame Joshua trees with rounded boulders. Cholla Cactus Garden is best photographed at sunrise, but watch out for shark spines!

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  • Arch Rock 1

    Arch Rock 1

  • Arch Rock 2

    Arch Rock 2

  • Cholla Garden Sunrise 1

    Cholla Garden Sunrise 1

  • Joshua Tree Snow 1

    Joshua Tree Snow 1

  • Joshua Tree Snow 2

    Joshua Tree Snow 2

  • Joshua Tree Snow 3

    Joshua Tree Snow 3

  • Joshua Tree Sunrise 1

    Joshua Tree Sunrise 1

  • Joshua Tree Sunrise 4

    Joshua Tree Sunrise 4

  • Joshua Tree Sunrise 5

    Joshua Tree Sunrise 5