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Aurora Photography Tour

Photographer Jon Cornforth will be leading an aurora photography tour to Alaska’s remote Brooks Range. The tour will start in Fairbanks where we will meet and then drive for 7+ hours north to our base in Wiseman. We will be staying at the rustic Boreal Lodge. The cabins are small, but comfy for two people in each room. At the end of the building is the kitchen and community room. We will spend the evenings driving around and waiting for the aurora to appear. Sometimes there will be clouds which will obstruct our view and other times the auroral activity will be quiet. However, by checking the aurora forecast each day, we will be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities when it puts on a dramatic show for us. After a long night of chasing the aurora, we will return to the lodge to sleep until the early afternoon.

The temperatures at this time of year can still be down to -40°F, so expedition down parkas and multiple layers of clothing are a necessity. If you do not own this type of clothing, it can be rented for you.

During the afternoons, we will review our images from the night before and I will offer instruction on how to better compose and shoot aurora images. Photographing the aurora is a magical experience and I look forward to sharing it with you.

 Jon Cornforth

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 Fairbanks to Brooks Range

 Boreal Lodge in Wiseman, Alaska

 4WD cargo van



 Moderate. Short hikes and extreme cold


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