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Lemon Shark

The lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris), is a shark that can grow to 10 feet (3 m). The lemon shark is found mainly along the subtropical and tropical parts of the Atlantic coast of North and South America. The species can also be found in Polynesia. Lemon sharks are a popular choice for study by scientists as they survive well in captivity, unlike many other species such as the great white shark, which dies in captivity because of food refusal.

Lemon sharks are viviparous, females giving birth to between 4-17 young every other year in warm and shallow lagoons. The young have to fend for themselves and remain in shallow water near mangroves until they grow larger. With increasing size, the sharks venture further away from their birth place. At maturity at a size of 3-7ft (1.5-2m) and an age of 12-15 years, they leave shallow water and move into deeper waters offshore. However, little is known of this life stage. They can be extremely aggressive and protective if young sharks are around.

Shark diving and photography are incredible experiences. The best locations in the world to photograph lemon sharks are in the Bahamas with liveaboard dive operators.

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